Contraceptive Therapy

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Are you concerned about your reproductive health? Do you worry about making the proper steps regarding family planning and pregnancy prevention? Have you struggled to find the best method that works for you? Contraceptive therapy is a wide range of treatment options that can help influence reproduction and prevent pregnancy. Explore all of the types of birth control and contraceptive methods available during a consultation with our team at Aurora Aesthetics and Wellness in San Antonio, TX!

What Is Contraceptive Therapy?

Contraceptive therapy is used to prevent pregnancy. It may also help prevent some STDs as well as manage and reduce periods or symptoms associated with periods.

More frequently referred to as birth control, there are many different methods available, such as:

  • Implants
  • IUDs
  • Patches
  • Pills
  • Shots
  • Vaginal rings

Each of these methods offers unique benefits. While some of them require regimented daily use, others may help provide birth control for up to a few years! A consultation with our team in Texas can help determine which may be the best suited method for you. Factors to consider include if you are anticipating trying to become pregnant soon, how comfortable you are taking a daily pill, and more.

What Could I Expect?

Each person’s experience with contraceptive therapy will vary. It is essential to remember that each person’s experiences will vary based on the method used as well as their sexual activity. The only way to completely ensure pregnancy prevention is abstinence.

Most contraceptive therapy methods require a prescription, which our qualified team in San Antonio may be able to provide. Receiving the prescription may require a Well Woman Exam. Sharing your medical history and concerns is important.

The effectiveness of each method will vary, and it is important to remember some methods may take some time to work with your system to trigger proper hormonal responses. Some birth control methods have a major influence over hormone levels, which may also impact weight, mood, skin health, and more.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Most generally healthy women who have menstrual cycles may benefit from contraceptive therapy. While many women choose to begin a method of birth control when they become sexually active, there are other reasons one may choose to begin a method. There is no specific age to begin birth control, but some women begin in their teens.

A consultation with our team in San Antonio can help determine if contraception is right for you. They can also help you determine what might be the best method for you based on your lifestyle, family planning goals, concerns, health, and sexual activity.

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